A Picture is worth a Thousand Designs®

monUnique™ is a startup offering a free iPhone and Android App that will allow users to easily create multiple designs from a particular image using our patented process. Android version of the app was released recently and is also available for download. A user can click or select a photograph and apply one or more design filters to the photograph to create multiple Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) based designs consisting of multiple design objects of varied shapes and textures. In future the app will open up the API for any user to add Design Filters and Textures.

The app consists of three modules: Photo Selection Module, View Design Module and Edit Design Module. In the Photo Selection module the user can click a photograph or select a photograph from photo gallery. In the View Design Module, the user can select a Design Filter and view all the existing designs in the filter. In Edit Design Module the user can edit an existing design or create a totally new design by adding various Design Objects from one or more Design Filters. The user can also select a Design Object in a Design and apply various transformations to it like: rotation, scaling, translation and flipping. The user can also change different properties of a Design Object like: texture, stroke color, fill, overlay etc. The App also supports Text Objects of various fonts. Text Objects have properties similar to Design Objects which can also be changed.

YouTube Video for Beginners:

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